Top 10 Best Seeds Banks that Ships to USA

Are you a marijuana lover?

Do you love to grow cannabis in your home?

If yes, then you must be confused about selecting the best online seed banks.

As poor quality seeds, high prices, poor customer service, and not good delivery time are some common issues from the online seeds bank. However:

Are you excited to know them?

As you are on this page, we are going to discuss some best seed banks that ships to the USA.

High-quality seeds, great packaging, and short delivery time service make these online stores the top 10 seed banks over the globe.


Top 10 Seed Banks



3. Seedsman

4. Crop King Seeds

5. Quebec Seeds

6. True North Seeds

7. Amsterdam Seeds

8. Sensible Seeds

9. Attitude Seeds

10. Seed Supreme 

Best Seed Banks Review

Best Seeds Bank Let’s check out these top 10 seed banks that promise to provide you best seeds for growing marijuana indoors

at your doorstep.

Let’s get started:

#1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)Our Best Pick

When it comes to providing the best seeds for growing cannabis indoors then there is only one king in this field. 

I Love Growing Marijuana known, as ILGM is one of the best online seed banks that ship to the USA and all over the world. 

ILGM is located in the Netherlands and is operated by an experienced marijuana grower Robert Bergman. He has experience of around 2 decades of growing marijuana and now he is providing the best seeds to grow cannabis instantly in your home. ILGM seed bank got over 1100 users review on SeedFinder.

This best seed bank provides you with some amazing value packs for beginners also. With the help of this pack, you can instantly grow marijuana in your home with a complete guide. 

They also give you affordable deals and offers on the packs. 

The best part:

They ship it for free in the U.S and Europe. Isn’t it amazing?

However, they charge a nominal fee for all other countries as well.

For payment, they accept bitcoin, cash, debit card, credit card, and bank transfer. So, there is nothing to worry about doing the payment. 

For their quality seeds, they provide a guarantee of germination.

It means if your seeds do not germinate then they will provide you with another pack of seeds for free. It sounds cool? Right?

Well, the discreet packaging of the seeds makes sure of the perfect delivery at your doorstep. So, at an affordable price, you never want to miss the deal, so go and grab the deal now.

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#2. MSNL Seed Bank Most Trusted Seed Bank

For satisfying its customers and providing the best marijuana seeds, MSNL wins the race!

MSNL also known as (Marijuana Seeds the Netherlands) is one of the most trustworthy online cannabis seed banks. It is located in Holland and provides high-quality seeds for instant germination.

However, the MSNL ships seeds internationally all over the globe and it takes up to one to three weeks to reach your door. 

MSNL is serving in this field since 1999 and therefore they have a lot of experience when it comes to developing high-quality seeds for instant germination. 

An expert developing team manually checks the quality and then sends it to you. So, this best seed bank never compromises the quality of the seeds.

When it comes to delivery, then too, this cannabis seed bank wins the heart!

They provide stealth shipping with a guarantee. That means they will deliver it to your home without any trouble. 

For payment, they allow you to do it by debit card, credit card, bank transfer, or money order. 

With a high rate of germination of 90%, they are the best seed bank online that ships to the USA with great customer service.

For instant orders, do check their official website right now.


#3. SeedsmanLarge Variety Of Seeds Here

If you want to get more strains of marijuana seeds then there’s no best place other than Seedsman.
Seedsman is located in the United Kingdom and serves almost every country. 

With a great customer response, Seedsman is one of the most trustworthy and reputed online seedbanks that gives you a deal at the most affordable prices.

Seedsman also offers more than 1400 strains which are sourced from other banks around the world. 

They provide you with discreet packaging of the order which results in safe delivery. They also offer a guaranteed delivery option to their customers in which they deliver your order at any cost safely.

With contact with other different seedbanks, it has a variety of marijuana seeds which means you will find your type of seed on Seedsman. This is why Seedsman is one of the best online seed banks that ship to the USA.

They allow their customers to do payments with many options such as postal orders, bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, and other ways too. 

The best part:

The best part of purchasing seeds here is they provide you with discounts and offers too. You will also get loyalty points with every purchase. You can use them in your further orders. 

So, go and grab the deal now:


#4. Crop King SeedsKing Of Seeds Bank

Crop King Seed bank is located in Canada and has more than 100 physical stores there. However, they have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world for their quality seeds.

Including feminized and auto-flowering seeds to Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, they have all the qualities for you. Due to high-quality material, their seeds have a very high rate of germination of 80%.

When it comes to shipping then the Crop King wins the heart. The Crop King offers you a guaranteed delivery. They ensure safe and stealthy delivery of the package so that you can get your seeds without any single scratch. 

However, if in any case, the package got seized by the relevant authorities then they also promise to give you another package without charging a single cost. Isn’t it amazing?

For instant customer support, they have agents round-the-clock for serving you at any time with chat, email, and phone.

If you want to do a quick payment, then they allow you to pay via Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa), bitcoins, and also with cash. You can go in your comfort.

Crop King provides you with the best quality of seeds for germination and guarantees to deliver your seeds to your doorstep. Therefore, this is the best seeds bank that you can buy your seeds.


#5. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – World Wide Famous Seed Bank

If you look for the best seed banks that ship to the USA, then you’ll find this name everywhere. ASM is established in 2002 in Amsterdam and now is worldwide famous for its high-quality marijuana seeds. 

They have all different types of marijuana seeds which mean you are surely going to find your requirement here. 

Thousands of people have used their product and they are 100% satisfied and happy. If you will check down the online marijuana seeds community forums then you will find happy customers there.

The best part is that now they have also available different strains from May 2018. 

Like other top online seed banks, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds also allow you to pay with different options. You can use bank transfer, western union, cash, credit and debit cards, and also bitcoin to do the payment.

When it comes to delivery, then these guys are experts! You will get a guaranteed delivery at your doorstep in discreet packaging.

However, if you are getting any issues regarding the parcel or seeds, then you can freely contact their customer service. They are known for the best customer support.

Well, ASM brings you some new deals and offers on marijuana seeds. If you don’t want to miss that out, then check the official website right now.


#6. True North Seeds Known For Best Quality Seeds

TNS (True North Seeds) is founded in 1993 in Canada especially to provide top-quality seeds to marijuana growers.

However, now they also serve in various countries across the world. They are known for the top-notch quality of marijuana seeds. With high-quality seeds, they also promise to deliver them to you with a guarantee.
Well, if you are a customer from U.S and Canada then shipping is faster than the other countries as it delivers just in 5-14 days.

Isn’t it cool?

While ordering they accept Credit cards (for the U.S and Canada Only), money orders, cash, bank transfer, E-transfer (for Canada only), and other cryptocurrencies as well. So, you don’t have to think about payment as you can do it so easily with so many options.

The point to be mentioned here is that I have received some customers’ mail about their bad experiences with the TNS. However, most of the time (7/10) TNS provides well-packaged seeds to its customers. Even the customer service is also enhanced which makes this seed bank better.

NOTE- If you are going to do a payment with a Credit Card or Debit Card then keep in mind that it will charge you 7.5% for the transaction.


#7. Ministry Of Cannabis – Reputated Seeds Bank 

If you are looking for a variety of seeds bank in which you can get productive seeds for your garden then here is the best option for you.

The Ministry of cannabis is one of the most reputed and best online seed banks for marijuana lovers. It is based in the United Kingdom and they sell its seeds almost everywhere around the globe. 

It is all because they have their experts for developing feminized seeds. Even for the best quality, they pick the seeds manually for maintaining the quality.

They have a large variety of seeds with a stock of more than 2000 varieties. Isn’t it amazing!

Therefore, they have coverage for most marijuana customers all over the globe. Doesn’t matter where you live on the earth, they are sure to deliver their quality product to you in a very discreet package.

When it comes to payment then they have also made it easy for you. You can pay them by Bitcoin, MoneyGram, By Cash, Credit Card, and Debit Card.

When it comes to customer satisfaction and support then they are experts in it. They have a team for customer support where you can ask your queries and they will solve your problem as soon as possible.

For the latest deals go and check out the website right now!


#8. Attitude SeedsU.K Based Seeds Bank

The Attitude Seeds bank is based in the U.K and it is one of the largest seed superstores. They have a variety of seeds in their seeds bank considering feminized, auto-flowering, and much more. 

It means you don’t have to look for another seed bank after visiting this superstore. You will have many choices according to your need.

However, the quality of all the seeds is quite excellent as they are manually collected.

When it comes to packaging then this seed bank wins the heart. You will get your order at your doorstep in discreet packaging. However, there will be a slight risk of customs.

The shipping time is also too rapid with this seed bank. However, the speed also varies with your location.

Most of the time, it takes 7 to 10 shipping days, however, it may take up to 21 business days for shipping to another country.

For payment, they have also made it easy for you. You will have a lot of payment methods while purchasing from this seed bank.

You can pay them from your credit card, debit card, except a master card (online and over the phone), money order or postal order (within the U.K only), and cheques (within the U.K only).

So, finally, there are so many options while paying them. It means you will not face any issues while paying them. 

Attitude seed bank got a 4-star user rating on Trustpilot.


#9. Nirvana Shop Seed Bank – Worldwide Famous For Quality

nirvana seed shop

The Nirvana Seeds Bank is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is worldwide famous for its quality seeds.

From a brief history, we get to know that the founder of Nirvana Seeds bank used to work in a grow shop and from that, he gets so much experience in this field. Now, we all can see the growth of his business.

His hard work and research over many years result in one of the most famous seed banks. 

Even apart from this, this seed bank always gives priority to the customer satisfaction that attracts us most. 

Currently, around 44 strains of cannabis are sold online by them, which is still growing.

When it comes to delivering then also this seed bank wins our hearts. They guarantee to deliver your seeds to your doorstep. If you didn’t receive your order then they will deliver it again to you.

They deliver it with discreet packaging and therefore they are one of the best deliverers of the online seeds bank.

For payments, they have provided a lot of options for you. You can pay quickly with credit cards, or bitcoin, or even there are options for cash and bank drafts too.

So, you don’t have to be worried about the payment. 

Just pay and get your seeds right away!


#10. Quebec Cannabis SeedsBest New Seeds Bank

QBS is established in 2013 as they have 7 years of experience with people but still we named it ‘New’ because of its new aim of research on problems facing cannabis plants and pests. 

They understand the problems and therefore they stand out from the other seeds bank. 

This is the feature, which we loved most in it!

As they understand the issue while planting they collect seeds very carefully and therefore, their quality of seeds is quite excellent.

They have a variety of seeds for you. You will have more than 50 choices for your cannabis seeds on their portal.

Some of their best quality seeds are Quebec Gold 2.0, and QC Black Gold Marijuana Seeds.

Due to their quality service, they have covered a huge cannabis grower under them.

For payment, you can pay them with Visa Card or MasterCard for the order. Even you can also pay them with bank drafts.

If you are worried about the delivery then just leave it on them as they have an excellent way to deliver the seeds to your doorstep.

They deliver your seeds in a very stealthy, discreet packaging for security reasons. So, you don’t have to be worried about the delivery.

If you are going to order a big order then you will get some free seeds too. Isn’t it amazing?


#11. Seed Supreme – Best For More Varieties


If you want a seed bank where you can get all of the different seed strains in one place then Seed Supreme is that seeds bank where you will get all of your seeds.

Seed Supreme offers you all different varieties of seeds at an affordable price, which is quite different from the rest of the other, seeds bank.

Seed Supreme is based in England, the United Kingdom and they started selling their seeds in 2013. They are a worldwide seed provider with a super fast and excellent service.

Even from the recent start, they got a lot of positive reviews and support on the online platform. 

Therefore, you can freely believe in them and can invest your money in the seeds of their seed bank. They provide you seeds of the greatest quality, which worth every penny.

Even for quick customer support, they have provided their contact number and mail. So, you can contact them without any hassle and they will support you as quickly as possible.

When it comes to doing payment for your order, they have provided a lot of options to make it easier.

You can pay them with Credit Card, Debit Card, Bitcoin, Cash, and Bank Transfer.

Well, you get so many options for that, so you have nothing to worry about payment.

Like the other seeds bank, it delivers its product worldwide with safe and discreet packaging. So, the average delivery time is 15 working days from the date of the product sent.


#12. Sensible Seeds Bank Best Options With More Choices

Sensible Seeds Bank is based in the U.K and has a variety of seeds in their store so that you can easily go for your choice.

Well, the price is very affordable with this seed bank, however, the price of the seeds can vary with the different qualities.

They deliver to almost every corner of the world. However, they may take some time but, surely, you will get your seeds at your doorstep.

For payment, they have allowed their users to pay them through credit cards and debit cards. Therefore, you can simply make the payment.

Even when it comes to delivery, they deliver superfast and securely to you. So, you just have to do the payment and wait for your seeds to be delivered to your doorstep.

As they deliver in very discreet packaging, you don’t have to worry about any issues.

This seed bank gives many offers and promotions to your purchase for making your purchase worth every penny.

The website is quite simple and easy to search for your choice quickly.

Finally, we can say that it is one of the best choices for purchasing seeds for your cannabis yard.


How to choose the best seed bank?

Well, when it comes to choosing one seed bank for the best quality, then it becomes tougher for us to choose, as there are many reputed and quality service provider seeds banks are there in the online market.

However, to make it simpler and easier for you, we share our ranking method here on which we have ranked these seed banks.

Well, you can follow and check them for yourself to make the right decision.

  • The reputation of the Company

First, we always prefer the company’s experience and reputation among buyers.

Therefore, you must go for the reputation of the seed bank on which you are going to make any deal.

As because if the company has been from many years in business then it means they are trustworthy and you are good to go. You can also check for the previous customer’s reviews on the online form and other platforms as well to be sure.

  • Customer Service

This is the major point that you must consider while choosing the best seed bank for your specific region. 

As in the case, if you are facing any problem regarding the delivery of a package or your product then you must get a quick response and help from the company.

While some the company provides you with a completely new package in case of a damaged product, which is the quite appreciable and excellent thing from the companies.

  • Payment options

Another major thing we consider is the payment options from the company, which it is providing to the customers. 

As for the customer’s convenience, we always look for at least three options in which Credit Card, Debit Card, and Cash are major options.

Because of worldwide shopping, it is not possible always to make the deal in cash, therefore, there is also an option from some of the companies for bitcoin in which you can easily complete your deal.

So, you can choose your option at your convenience for the payment from the companies to make it easier.

  • Delivery and Packaging

Well, as marijuana is not legal everywhere, all the companies claim to deliver your product in very discreet packaging in a secure way so that you don’t have to face any issues.

However, apart from this, everyone wants their product as soon as they pay for it.

So, the company must deliver your product quickly.

  • Variety of seeds

Well, it is not a major but an important part of choosing the best seed online. After choosing the best seed bank online for your specific region, you want to have your preferred choice of strain there.

It becomes important that the seed bank must provide you with different strains and varieties of seeds to make your choice wiser.

  • Price & Quality

The appropriate price of the product attracts more customers!


The quality also matters!

Yes, the price also matters when choosing the best online store for seeds. However, the price of the product can vary as for the quality, which is not to worry about.

But, one should always consider an appropriate price for the appropriate quality of their product.

Tips for Growing Marijuana Seeds

After selecting the best marijuana seeds bank, it becomes quite essential to follow the right way to grow it.

Therefore, we are sharing here some experiences to grow cannabis seeds.

  1. After purchasing seeds, it doesn’t mean that all your work is done here. You have to take care of the physical conditions and natural environment for it in which mediums such as hydroponics and soil are considered. You have to take care of the ideal environment to make the seeds grow faster.
  2. The storage of seeds also matters when you have to make them grow fast. Because if you are not going to make them plant right away then you have to store them in a place where it is far away from heat, moisture, humidity, and direct sunlight.
  3. To make the seeds grow faster, one must take care of the right way to germinate them in the right method. You have to check whether your seeds will grow from the direct soil method, paper towel method, or with another one.
  4. From our experience, you must have to check out your plant whether its response is going great or not. As because if the plant is growing great then you don’t have to be worried about anything about it.

So, these are some tips from our side to grow marijuana seeds faster. However, you can check some other guides as well for your convenience and help.

Before choosing the right seeds for your plant, you have to choose the right type of seeds. Therefore, we have shared some different types of seeds so that you can choose the right choice for you.

Check it out below here.

Different Types Of Seeds

Let’s have a quick look at the different types of seeds that you can purchase online.

  • Regular Seeds

From the name, you can get the idea of the seeds. These are simply from the male and female parent, which can further be either male or female. 

However, you don’t have any idea, that it will be male or female after germination, you just have to wait until it is revealed.

  • Auto-Flowering Seeds

Auto-Flowering seeds are grown outside. Because of the natural conditions outside you don’t have to maintain sunlight and other things by yourself. 

After germination and some growth, they grow flowers. As these are planted outdoor, you don’t have to adjust the light or environmental conditions.

  • Feminized Seeds

This is used for simple and quick cultivation. In short, there are no chromosomes in these female seeds or they are eliminated and therefore, you get the female plant outside of the seed.

Our Best Recommended Seeds Bank

Well, so many best seeds bank that ship to the USA and other countries, which provide you different services with high-quality seeds for your plantation.

However, after reviewing a lot of seed banks, we want to give here our recommendation for all types of cannabis growers.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is our best-recommended online seeds bank that ships to the USA and other countries with a great quality of seeds and services.

Well, even from budget growers to high-quality growers, you will find everything best in this seed bank.

However, we always recommend going for your own choice with your need and budget.

People Also Ask about Seed Banks

ILGM(I Love Growing Marijuana) seed bank has the best genetics, which you can order to start your growing journey.

Wrapping Up

When you are going to grow marijuana, then you may have to face many issues (especially where it is not legal). However, the first step for growing marijuana i.e. purchasing seeds is very important, as it is the base of your plantation. 

We have tried to make it simpler and easier from our latest review.

Happy Growing!