Buy Cannabis Seeds in the USA 2023

Buying marijuana seeds in the USA or indulging in cannabis activities at the federal level in the country remains illegal. However, at the state level, you will get complete legalization of marijuana in some regions. 

That means, despite the federal prohibition, many U.S states have reformed the cannabis laws to make it available legally in their states. 

Therefore, before you visit any of the U.S states to buy cannabis, you must be aware of the latest laws and guidelines there. To help you out, this guide will cover everything about cannabis in the U.S. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in the USA

Buy Cannabis Seeds in the USA

Read along to be an expert on U.S legislation on cannabis.

A Brief History of Cannabis in the USA

The country’s history concerning marijuana has been quite rich. 

The history stretches back to the mid-19th century when recreational cannabis was a “fashionable narcotic.” Until the starting of the 20th century, cannabis was quite common among U.S citizens as it was cultivated and used for many purposes. Even some experts stretch the cannabis history in the U.S from the earlier 17th century. 

However, considering the marijuana’s effects, the U.S government began restrictions on cannabis in the 1900s. Starting from 1906 to the 1930s, cannabis was a regulated drug in every state in the U.S. 

Well, the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 brings nationwide regulation on the federal level. 

This was the time when there was a nationwide marijuana prohibition trend was going on in the United States. Even still, medical use of cannabis somehow existed in some regions. Although the government completely outlawed medical and recreational use of cannabis through the 1970 Controlled Substances Act (CSA). 

This law ultimately banned the cultivation of hemp as well due to its relation with cannabis. 

Therefore, from starting of the 20th century to the end, U.S has faced regular marijuana updates on the national level while most of the decisions made were against cannabis existence in the country. 

Although during the 1970s there was a short wave of decriminalization of cannabis in some U.S states. In 1973, Oregon was the first state to decriminalize cannabis, which ultimately reduced the penalty for one ounce of cannabis possession with a $100 fine. Up to 1975, many other U.S states followed the trend, and Alaska, California, Colorado, and some other states did so. 

After decriminalization, many states proposed legislation for use of medical cannabis as well during that time. New Mexico did it first in 1978 while some other states up to 30 regions did so by 1982. This legislation was aimed to make medical cannabis available from the federal authorities. 

Following that, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 made California the first U.S state to legalize medical cannabis. This was the first time that a U.S state has legalized marijuana in either of aspects after a long ban history. 

After California, other U.S states also followed the trend and did the same. Washington D.C tried to approve the medical legalization of cannabis in 1998, however, due to some circumstances, it got delayed for over a decade. 

Later on, during the 2000s, there was a second wave of decriminalization of cannabis in different U.S states. After decriminalization, there was a demand for recreational legalization as well in some regions as medical cannabis was already permitted in some states. 

However, after several years, in 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational cannabis. This was the first time in U.S history that recreational cannabis was permitted again in some regions after years of prohibition. 

After that, within upcoming years many other U.S states legalized recreational cannabis. Even up to 2020, 15 U.S states have allowed recreational cannabis in their regions. 

Although during 2018 Attorney General Jeff Sessions took away the memorandum of 2013 under President Barack Obama which was proposed not to focus on enforcement of federal laws on the states with marijuana legalization in some forms. However, later on, it was not actioned considering the uproar in the cannabis community. 

So, summing up the historic journey of cannabis in the United States, there has been a lot of changes in the legislation. Although you do not need to cram all the guidelines. You just need to keep in mind the current guidelines that are in action in different states and at the federal level. 

Is weed legal in the United States?

This must be your very first question while thinking about cannabis in the country. 

However, to answer that in short, no!

In detail, read to know.

As said before, cannabis in the USA remains illegal under the federal law of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Under CSA, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance and it is prohibited to be used and possessed. 

However, that doesn’t mean, cannabis does not exist there.

Rather there are some states which have made cannabis legalized completely. While on the other hand, some states have followed the medical usage demand and legalized the only medical use of cannabis. 

To make it easy, here is the list of the U.S states that have completely legalized marijuana despite federal prohibition. 

U.S states with medical and recreational legalization of marijuana

  1. Alaska
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Illinois
  5. Maine
  6. Michigan
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Nevada
  9. Oregon
  10. Vermont
  11. Northern Mariana Islands
  12. Guam
  13. Washington (state)
  14. The District of Columbia (or Washington D.C.)

However, there are other states as well that have permitted only medical usage of cannabis. 

U.S states with only medical legalization of marijuana

  1. Arizona (recreational weed is expected to become fully legal in 2023)
  2. Arkansas
  3. Connecticut (recreational weed has been decriminalized, in quantities under .5 oz, but is still illegal)
  4. Delaware (recreational weed has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  5. Florida
  6. Hawaii (recreational weed has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  7. Illinois (recreational will be legalized effective January 1, 2020)
  8. Louisiana
  9. Maryland
  10. Minnesota (recreational weed has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  11. Missouri (recreational weed has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  12. Montana (recreational weed will become legal on January 1, 2023)
  13. New Mexico (recreational weed has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  14. New Hampshire (recreational weed, in quantities up to ¾ oz, has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  15. New Jersey (recreational weed will become legal on January 1, 2023)
  16. New York (recreational weed has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  17. North Dakota (recreational weed has been decriminalized, in quantities under .5 oz, but is still illegal)
  18. Ohio (recreational weed has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  19. Oklahoma
  20. Pennsylvania
  21. Rhode Island (recreational weed has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  22. Utah
  23. Virginia (recreational weed has been decriminalized but is still illegal)
  24. West Virginia.

So, these are the U.S states that have permitted marijuana in their state in either of aspects. Therefore, whether you cannot access marijuana at the country level, however, if you will visit any of the states where weed is legal, you will be permitted to buy cannabis there. 

Although there are some U.S states, too, that have even completely banned cannabis in 2023. 

Current Marijuana Laws that You Need to Know 

The history of the legislation might bore you!

Well, even the historical laws have been quite complex to keep in mind. Therefore, to make you aware of the only things which are necessary for a weed enthusiast, here is a summary of current laws and guidelines that are in action in the U.S. 

Ultimately, Dos and Don’ts are here within the United States:

  1. Doesn’t matter whether you are residing within a state where marijuana is completely legal or in a region where marijuana is completely banned, you cannot drive under the influence of marijuana or even under any drug. As a whole, driving under influence of cannabis is illegal and can lead to a heavy monetary fine and even up to jail in some cases. Driving licenses might be banned too. 
  2. At any location in the U.S, sharing weed with the minor is illegal and comes under a heavy criminal offense. Years of imprisonment and monetary fine are the penalties in the majority of states. 
  3. Different states in the U.S have different medical marijuana programs and a separate way to access medical cannabis. Therefore, you have to confirm from the regional authority and local government about the same. 
  4. Like medical cannabis, recreational marijuana has also different laws in different states of the United States. At some places, possession is legal while at some, cultivation remains illegal while consumption is legal. Therefore, make sure you are well-aware of the state laws in whichever state you are residing. 
  5. Consumption of cannabis whether medical or recreational must not be made in public places such as schools, university campuses, or public gatherings such as parks, public transports. This might lead the offender to penalties despite the legality in that region.  

Medical Marijuana Laws in the USA

Although recreational cannabis has been quite restricted in the USA from the starting times of the 20th century, however, medical cannabis laws in the country have been quite relaxed from the end of the century. However, it is also believed that in many U.S states, cannabis was used under the grey areas despite the illegality. 

Well, federal law believes that marijuana is a Schedule I drug that has no medical use, somehow, different states in the country have proved that marijuana can be beneficial for some severe medical symptoms. That is why you will find different medical marijuana programs in different U.S states. 

Although in 1996, California was the first state that legalized medical cannabis and up to the 2016-year, the majority of U.S states have legalized medical cannabis. 

If we search for the medical use of cannabis in U.S history then it stretches back to 1850 when medical cannabis was used to treat several medical symptoms. 

However, at the starting of the 20th century when there was a nationwide trend to prohibit marijuana, there was a huge decline in medical use as well. Although the end of the century brings huge support for medical legalization resulting in California’s allowance through the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. 

Within upcoming years, many other states also followed the same and permitted the use of medicinal cannabis to some extent. 

With that said, up to the 2023 year, many of the U.S states have their own medical marijuana program under which the medical patients were permitted to obtain medical cannabis facilities through a state-approved card after a physician’s recommendation. 

It is also concerned that very few U.S states have complete hassle-free processes for making medical cannabis available to the patients while in most of the states, medical marijuana programs include quite hassle processes. Also, some cannabis medications are quite costly, which the state authorities need to improve. 

To obtain medical marijuana facility in a specific U.S state, you have to go through with the local laws and guidelines. Also, you have to be aware of the qualifying medical conditions and the process required to follow to get a medical marijuana card. 

How to Get Cannabis Seeds in the USA?

Cultivation of cannabis in the U.S at the federal level remains illegal, however, at the state level, you will find many regions permitting the cultivation of cannabis for medical and even personal usage. 

Well, to grow healthy marijuana plants, you need high-quality cannabis seeds first and for getting high-quality marijuana seeds, you need to be dependent on the available sources, which are not that good in most of the region. The reason for that is not the legality and expansion of cannabis businesses throughout the nation. 

Although in some states, you will find relaxing marijuana laws and wide cannabis business. There might be some more chances for getting a seller store of cannabis seeds. Yet, physical stores are not that beneficial. 

Physical stores have a very limited variety of cannabis seeds. Also, they do not guarantee the germination of their seeds. 

This is where the online seed banks come into play. Contrary to the physical stores, online seed banks give you a very wide marijuana seed selection. While some online stores also provide you a germination guarantee, and if their seeds failed to germinate up to the mark, they will replace their seeds for free. 

In short, online seed banks have multiple benefits!

Therefore, you can get high-quality marijuana seeds in the USA through the best cannabis seed banks. 

To make it easier for you, here is the list of 2023’s best online cannabis seed banks that directly ship to the USA. 

Best Seed Banks to buy Marijuana Seeds in the USA


I Love Growing Marijuana website

ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana and this website is rightly named for marijuana lovers. This seed bank stocks a wide seed selection of premium quality. The price of the seeds is reasonable and worth the quality. 

Website design is impressive and interactive theme is something that impresses the most. An expert’s grow guide is there for beginner cultivators. 

ILGM has a very positive market reputation and gives top-notch customer support as well. Additionally, you will get multiple payment options at the website to place the order. Join The I Love Growing Marijuana Official Sub on Reddit for regular updates!

The bonus part is that ILGM has one of the warehouses in California, USA. That means most of the U.S orders are shipped from there and hence delivery of the seeds automatically becomes faster. 

Official website:

2. Crop King Seeds

cropking seed bank

Crop King Seeds is the seed bank that most weed growers love the most. Thanks to the huge seed selection of high-quality seeds. 

CKS ensures every marijuana seed they are importing must be from a quality source. That is why Crop King Seeds give you an 80% germination guarantee. That means if 8 of 10 seeds do not come out of the ground, the company will replace the seeds with a new pack. 

Apart from this, Crop King Seeds has been one of the most reputed online seed banks. Thanks to the worldwide popularity which is the cause of quality services of the company. 

Additionally, like other seed stores, you will be getting multiple payment options including bitcoin. Instant customer service and every information that you may need at the cannabis seed store. 

Official website:


MSNL Seed Bank website or MSNL is a one-stop destination for all of your cannabis need! From stocking a premium range of cannabis seeds to delivering them worldwide, MSNL has got you all. 

The best part about the company is its large selection of seeds for every weed grower. The affordable price range makes even beginner growers buy high-quality seeds at a cheaper price. Even if you will buy cannabis seeds in bulk from MSNL then you will get a huge discount. 

While regular offers and discounts are there on different cannabis seed strains at MSNL. 

Customer service is decent you are 100% sure to find something special for you at this seed store. Apart from this, at Trustpilot, MSNL has an excellent rating with over 4,000 reviews. Therefore, this seed bank becomes one of the trustworthy sources to buy cannabis seeds in the USA. 

Official website:


Till here, you must be known of the latest guidelines regarding cannabis in the USA. However, the country has even yet illegalized cannabis at the federal level but in most of the states, it has one of the relaxing cannabis laws. 

Therefore, while summing up, you are recommended to must check the regional laws and state guidelines for marijuana in whichever state you want to access cannabis. 

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